torstai 29. syyskuuta 2011

Angry Birds 'Recap song' OUT NOW!

The Recap Song

Now it all started out as a regular nice day.
Red´s chillin at home with his egg in front of the fire place…  
All warm an fuzzy with a smile on his tired face.
S**t couldn´t be better is what he thought but then again wait!
Knock knock - whose there? It's the pig with the mean stache!
Lookin´ bad,  homies  at each side of his green ass…
Thinkin bad thoughts thinking  "eggs will be mine!"
Burning s**t down leaving only flames on the far side…
Of the forest but  there´s one thing he´s missing… on...
Not only one bird that his flames are pissing…. off.

Looking at their cribs burn rage tick-e-ling inside.
In a few short moments they´ll unleash a piggy genocide.
Thats right… you better run cause you cant hide.
We gonna sling a motherf***er straight up in your back side.
Going together through the forest to get some payback,
Yellow´s been brainwashed into a pig loving maniac.
Red proceeds in through the gates not knowing whats ahead
only to find his old friend a complete f***ing brain dead.

Performed/lyrics by pDawg
Composed/produced by Heikki "hyjkar" Kareranta

Check out the music video here!

tiistai 20. syyskuuta 2011

Bonus video coming up next week!

No - we are not releasing the final part of the 'Angry Birds : The Motion Comic' saga yet.
Yes - we are releasing a "bonus video".

perjantai 16. syyskuuta 2011

Random thoughts on the music of ‘Weapon of Mass Destruction’

In this article, I will discuss the music of the episode 2, ‘Weapon of Mass Destruction’. Some fans may be a little disappointed that there aren’t rock songs in episode 2. However, in my opinion, a similar over-the-top guitar-driven soundtrack used in Episode 1 would have made the new episode feel, well, silly. And yes, I know, it’s a story about how green pigs steal birds' eggs for food. Anyway, I was extremely concerned whether the soundtrack would merge with the gritty story and Liisa’s illustrations.

Fortunately, it became clear to me pretty quickly that the film needed traditional film music. The use of orchestral instruments really speeded up the mixing process, because I didn’t have to use compression or equalization at all. Thanks to EastWest symphonic orchestra sample library, the instruments blend together nicely without any additional adjustment. All I had to do was to pan the instruments and apply reverb FX with large hall settings to every instrument track to make the overall sound bigger and more epic.

It was obvious to me from the very beginning that I wanted to fiddle with the original Angry Birds theme composed by Ari Pulkkinen. It was like I had some kind of obligation to use it; without the Angry Birds theme, the motion comic wouldn’t feel right. Of course, the original song was way too cheerful to be used in our dark story, so I scrapped the majority of notes leaving only the first four untouched. The reason why I chose to play the melody with clockenspiel, a high-register instrument, was to emphasize that at this point of the story the Birds are pretty powerless and weak against the mighty Pigs. In other words, the characters have not developed into the Angry Birds as we know them, not yet at least.

What's up with these artsy endings in these articles?

A screenshot of the finished Cubase project.

maanantai 12. syyskuuta 2011

Pt.1 vs. Pt.2

In this article, I will discuss the differences between the making of Angry Birds: The Motion Comic episodes 1 and 2. While Episode 1 was pretty simple story-wise (egg gone = revenge) and basically consisted of only action, Episode 2 was more complex and understandably needed more pictures. The picture on the left shows you which images we just had to cut out in the storyboard phase in order to keep the work load manageable for Liisa. Even though nine images were taken out, it didn’t really affect the story on the whole, so the 'kill your darlings process’ wasn’t really an excruciating task here.

In the 2nd episode, we really wanted to develop the bleak mood before the epic finale, where all hell will break loose and bad guys get what they deserve! This time there are several sub-plots going on and it was important that the audience understands why things happen as they do. In other words, this time you really have to follow the story, because you don’t know what’s going to happen next, unlike in the first part. The unavoidable challenge was the fact that Angry Birds can’t talk or even use their feathers as hands to communicate (at least in our AB universe), so Liisa really had to get the facial expressions/poses right in order for the overall story to make sense, and not just be a series of pretty pictures without clear and logical continuity.

In the original script, the birds spoke in “symbol language”, but we eventually made a pretty major decision by cutting it out entirely. By symbol language, I mean cartoon bubbles in which a picture of grilled chicken could represent hunger for the character. Ok, bad example in a bird context... Anyway, removing the language part was a logical act, because the Birds didn’t talk in the first episode either and we wanted to preserve the same narrative style. In retrospect, the absence of language enables the viewer to fully focus on the images that tell the story, not the mere words or symbols. Wow, that was a pretty artsy sentence.

Ok, I admit it. This article was merely a fancy way of saying this:
Part 2 is longer than Part 1.

Thanks for reading,

That's me recording some pretty awkward "bird-like noises", which was a lot of fun, but terrible for the throat. After just a few takes, I ended up coughing like I'd been smoking Cubans since birth. Anyway, these awesome pictures, taken by Paul, made the recording process look cooler than it actually was.

Angry Birds : The Motion Comic Part 2 is NOW online!

Click here to watch the sequel!

perjantai 2. syyskuuta 2011

First teaser picture of the upcoming AB:TMC sequel released!

©Liisa Kareranta

As you can see, it's not just about Red anymore.

This is a test, but also an announcement!

In the semi-near future, this blog will contain 'making of' stuff from Angry Birds : The Motion Comic Series. Part 2 is currently in the works and on schedule. The schedule is a secret, though.

You can watch the first episode "Seeds of Wrath" here!

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